Cosmetic Micropigmentation

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Micropigmentation for  Semi-Permanent Makeup?


Cosmetic Tattooing treatments to both the face and scalp, also called 'Micropigmentation', is a popular well-tolerated cosmetic treatment involving the controlled implantation of safe colour pigments into the dermis layer of the skin, instantly improving appearance, facial definition and in most instances, a long-lasting effect. This is a cosmetic treatment that defines your eyes, brows, lips and cheeks with a soft, natural appearance that looks, and stays looking, like correctly applied make-up or the most subtle of enhancements.


Micropigmentation will gradually gradually soften in appearance, or metabolise, to some degree over time which is due to some individual factors.  Cosmetic Tattooing at this advanced level is all about experience, skill, trust, passion, compassion, science and art!  It is not just an extension of beauty therapy!



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Micropigmentation is especially beneficial for ladies who:


• Want to enhance their current features

• Are unable to apply makeup

• Have poor eyesight to apply accurate makeup

• Are too busy to spend time to spend on their makeup

• Have unsteady hands

• Suffer from eye allergies caused by makeup

• Are on-stage and in the entertainment/modelling industry

• Play sport and don't want to worry about 'sweating off' or re-applying makeup

• Have thinning or no eyebrows

• Reduce the appearance of scars/birthmarks

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Micropigmentation is non-surgical & scar free with immediate results