Cosmetic Micropigmentation

for Him and Her in March & Ely, Cambridgeshire

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Semi Permanent Makeup, or Micropigmentation, is suitable for practically everyone and is the ideal solution to enhance your natural beauty, and keep it that way 24/7!

Our Technician has over 10 years experience in creating perfection, be it Eyebrows, Eyeliner or Lips and will devise a detailed treatment plan to achieve your desired results.


We specialise in Micropigmentation and believe in the importance of keeping up to date with the latest advances in the field.


A detailed consultation will be carried out in our tranquil Clinic Rooms upon arrival to include medical history, desired outcome and a chance to ask any further questions. 


Take the first steps towards the new you, leave with boosted self esteem and wake up each and every day looking gorgeous!

Eyebrows can be lost or grow poorly due to over plucking, alopecia, illness or you may simply want to enhance and define your natural Brows.  We offer several styles of Brow, including the ultra fine and discreet Nano Hairstroke, soft and fluffy Balyage Brows and Powder Brows. Colour is carefully matched to suit your skintone and natural hairs and several precise measurements are made to ensure that height, length and thickness of the Brows match; an outline will then be drawn on for you to see before the treatment commences. Hairstrokes are placed slowly within the drawn on shape, building up the hairs one by one until perfection is achieved.

Lip Treatments will ensure you wake up each and every day with the perfect pout! Lip Liners give back lost definition to the lips, caused by smoking or ageing. A Lip-Blush goes a stage further with the chosen colour being blended in from the Lipline to give a natural hint of colour, whereas a Full Lip Colour gives a more even coverage, with the colour implanted over the visible lip surface.

Colour matching will be carried out with the pigments tested on your lips to give you a true reflection of how your chosen colour works with your skintone, the lipline will also be drawn on before treatment commences.

Eyeliner is also popular for many reasons too. From a subtle Lash Enhancement to give definition to the eyes when Lashes have been lost due to illnesses such as Cancer or Alopecia, to our Classic Top & Bottom Eyeliners, or the glamorous Latino Eyeliner.


With the Latino Eyeliner, the shape is drawn onto the eyelid prior to commencing treatment to achieve the perfect flick! 

The treatment is carried out as a 'closed eye' procedure for your comfort, and the colour implanted using a slow and steady technique, which will be explained at each and every step.

A top-up appointment is included within the package at 4-6 weeks later to make any tweaks to the shape or colour.

Balyage Brows

Nano Hairstroke Brows (perfect for mature skin

Classic Eyeliner- Before and after

Latino Eyeliner (Top) Classic Eyeliner (Bottom)

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