Cosmetic Micropigmentation

for Him and Her in March & Ely, Cambridgeshire

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Scalp Micro Treatment is a technique that allows us to replicate lost hair follicles with a cosmetic Tattooing effect. Using a specialist micro needle to implant colour to give the illusion of hair follicles in the desired area, the possibilities are limitless with results lasting for years.


An extremely popular treatment for both Men and women alike. Densification around the hairline for ladies gives a truly breath taking effect, as well as in many other problem areas.

Men can create that all over buzz cut look, replace receding Hairlines, disguise pattern Baldness and camouflage scars and burns.


The treatment itself is carried out in our private clinic in a safe and relaxing environment and is minimally invasive. After treatment you will experience a very slight redness to the area which subsides quickly, leaving no tell tale evidence of having had the procedure, just a new more confident you.


• Male/female pattern hair loss

• Receding hair loss

• Crown hair-loss

• Head injury

• 'Camouflaging' scars and burns

• Densification in conjunction with transplantation

• Alopecia conditions

‘Scalp Micropigmentation - putting confidence back into peoples lives’


Scalp Micropigmentation replicates hair folicles using the latest procedures for instant hair loss solutions

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Hair loss Treatment for a Receding Hairline


This discreet, almost undetectable treatment is the ideal solution for bringing back your hairline to its original placement. Extremely popular with both men and women, you will notice an immediate improvement after just one session.

Crown Hairloss treatment


This effects both men and women. We will decide your treatment plan to achieve the very best possible, most natural looking results. After your first sitting, you will have a noticeably more dense appearance to the area.

Male Pattern Baldness


Why live with large areas of baldness when you can create an all-over, full, buzz cut look, completely eliminating and bald spots. This instantly recreates your lost hairline, giving you back lost confidence and a much more youthful appearance.

Camouflaging existing scars


Here at MyCosmetic Clininc we treat many clients with Scalp Pigmentation to camouflage scars. The most treated  scar is from hair transplants leaving what is called a donor scar at the back of the head. Any sort of scar can be treated to camouflage.

For both Men & Women

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Crown Hairloss Treatment-Before and After just 1 session


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